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Evangeline is the touching story of young lovers separated during the deportation of Acadians from their homeland in 1755.  It is, as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, "...the best illustration of faithfulness and the constancy of women ..." as Evangeline spends her life searching for Gabriel who has remained faithful to her.  In the end they are reunited in a poorhouse where he dies in her arms.  But most importantly, Evangeline is a story of survival – the survival of a people who faced rejection, homelessness, hunger, and other adversities wherever they were disembarked along the Eastern seaboard of the United States.  Evangeline was a mirror for Acadians to recognize themselves, and became the gateway for them to reunite as a nation.  

This is a limited edition of the great poem, prepared by Françoise Paradis to commemorate the 400 year anniversary, in 2004, of the first Acadian settlement in North America; to honor the 250 year anniversary of the deportation in 2005; and accept the Queen's proclamation of July 28 of every year as "A Day of Commemoration of the Great Upheaval," starting on July 28, 2005.

This volume is beautifully illustrated with old lithographs and recent paintings.  There is a historical sketch of Acadians in North America, a pronunciation guide, and a comprehensive glossary that help etch Longfellow’s beautiful images into our memories.

Dr. Layne Longfellow, a descendant of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow' cousin, wrote a biographical sketch of his relative and the foreword. The table of contents is available for your perusal.

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“Evangeline has been said to have kept the memory and the culture of the Acadians alive. It is a story we recognize today, and one which offers hope in the face of loss.  In Evangeline, one can always go home.”
                Rhea Côté Robbins, Author of Wednesday's Child, Founder and 
                Director, Franco-American Women’s Institute,  Brewer, Maine

“Françoise Paradis has done a great service to the world of literature by reprinting Longfellow’s epic masterpiece, Evangeline.  She has done even greater homage to the Acadian survivors of the diaspora of 1755.” 
                 Dr. Roger Paradis, Acadian History Professor, University of Maine at Fort Kent

“Every school, library, resource center, bookstore should make available copies of Evangeline.  This book is an excellent resource.  Odes to Françoise for her commitment and preservation of our rich cultural heritage.”   
                  Lisa Desjardins Michaud, Franco-American Centre Franco-Americain,
                  University of Maine, Orono

 “…a work of love...a far more compelling book than any simple reprint… a moving introduction where she explains the many 
emotions the poem stirs up for her…a noteworthy historical sketch…
a glossary…reprints of old lithographs…wonderful reprints of 
paintings by Acadian artist, Donald Cyr…a Foreword by Layne Longfellow…  Paradis created a perfectly beautiful gift in this 
edition of Evangeline, a publication worthy of keeping for 
generations to come.”
                 Juliana L’Heureux.  ‘Evangeline’ retelling is a keepsake. 
                 Les Franco-Americains column, Portland Press Herald, 5-13-2004
                 (Full Article)

“Françoise Paradis' new edition of Evangeline is gorgeous. Her well-researched historical sketch and thorough glossary invite readers deep into Acadian history and Longfellow's "forest primeval"; the beautifully reproduced illustrations and readable format induce us to linger there. Evangeline was Longfellow's first blockbuster poem. 
With this edition, Paradis shows us why.”
                 Carolin Collins, Education Coordinator, Maine Historical Society

"Françoise brings to life the impact of Longfellow's masterpiece and its ability to endure through the ages.  This volume is destined to touch the hearts of a new generation of readers."
                  Lisa Obstfeld, Ph.D., Psychologist

"...brings me back to my high school days in the Philippines when we studied Longfellow's works...Françoise's book helped me understand more about the Acadian culture and Evangeline's background.  Evangeline should be required reading in high school here in the U.S."
Dinah Villareal-Tungol, M.D., Psychiatrist

"Françoise, I just received your book a few days ago and am in the process of reading it.  I really like it.  I don't remember if I ever read Evangeline in its entirety before.  I am sure I will enjoy his book for years to come and re-read it again and again.  What a nice piece of work you did.  I am so proud of you and feel so honored to be a cousin.  I will cherish this great work of yours."
Rachel Paradis, a cousin

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